Unveil'd Photobook Winner 2017 / by Robert Darch

And after much deliberation the winner of the Unveil'd Photobook Award is Shane Lavalette with his self published book, 'One Sun, One Shadow'.  Shane Lavalette [US]  |  Lavalette

The competition was incredibly strong this year and particularly rich in the depth of ideas and modes of presentation. For this reason we decided to include a longlist as well as a shortlist of 6 books. The shortlisted books are:

Cubby's Tarn |  Joseph Wright [UK]  |  JW Editions , 

Itaca |  Gabriele Rossi [IT] |  Yard Press

Nos Feux Nous Appartiennent  |  Marine Lanier [FR]  |  Poursuite & JB Editions

Arch  |  Anne Erhard & Cameron Williamson [UK]  |  Self-published  

Hunter Grill  |  Alexandre Christiaens [BE]  |  Origini Edizioni

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